The Beginning

Welcome to Rackle’s Rambles!  I am your host, Rackle, and I am excited to take you on a tour of the winding journey through my scattered brain.

Why the heck are you wasting your time on a blog, Rackle?

There are a number of reasons.

1) I recently moved from Manitoba to British Columbia and between my sporadic university attendance requirements and a slow start in the job market, I am finding a significant lack of routine in my life.  Ever wake up in the morning, throw on a bathrobe and sat on the couch to watch one episode of something on Netflix with a cup of tea, only to realize somehow it’s 2 in the fucking afternoon!?  I’m aiming for some structure in my life, and setting achievable tasks for myself is my first strategy.

2) I like writing.  Blogs are about writing, right?  Totally.  I’ve read those blogs that claim to be recipe blogs, but really it’s some stay at home mom that has nothing better to do than write out a crappy recipe (they’re all crappy, how can that possibly be?) at the end of paaaaaaaaaages and pages and pages of how she was sitting in the kitchen one day and she looked at her child’s red backpack with a blue zipper that was hanging open which reminded her of the time that squirrel hopped in her picnic basket and voila – she’s blogging for hours –  finished with this amazing black bean avocado brownie that you just HAVE to try, because she ate the whole pan and feels great because they were so healthy!……  It’s not about the recipe!  It’s about fulfilling that need to communicate, because let’s get real, that brownie was terrible and eating a whole pan is not healthy.  I want to improve my communication skills to become a better writer.

3) I am opinionated as heck.  Is something in my Facebook feed a little offensive or comes across as uneducated?  I’m probably going to open my big fucking mouth and drive everyone crazy because it was supposed to be just a simple little funny post that they weren’t putting that much thought into and now I’m making it a thing.  I figure this is probably a more constructive way to communicate my opinion.  I can throw my ideas out into the wild west of the internet and see where the figurative wind takes me!

What do you have to contribute to this “wild west internet,” Rackle?

I’m not planning on following any particular genre, at the moment.  I want this to be an introspective and reflective take on things I’m experiencing or seeing in real life.  I want to speak my mind on issues from feminism to politics to Canadian healthcare to social codes.  I want to talk about men’s issues and criticize parenting strategies with no personal experience of my own (because everyone seems so glad to point out how poor of a job I’m doing with my dog.  Seriously, you try telling a 90-pound 11-month-old monster to just “control herself”).  I want to write about a new experience I have and talk about why it freaked the goddamn daylights out of me, or why it was so thrilling I’m going back for more.

All I have to contribute is me; my flaws and my virtues, my personal experience and my opinion, my research and my speculation.  And that’s really what I want to write about.

What experience do you bring?

I grew up in a dysfunctional family that was plagued by mental health and addiction.  I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, currently studying to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.  I have experience in residential support work with those who are differently-abled.

Much of my education has revolved around concepts of introspection, self-evaluation, and reflection.  I have studied in these areas, learning how to understand the world around me in relation to myself and my own personal values and beliefs, and how to separate my feelings from another’s life experience in order to connect meaningfully.  


I am looking for a way to promote mindfullness in myself, as well as provide a constructive outlet through which to share my ideas with the world.

I love to write, and create at my crafting table.  I love to hike with my dog.  I love to binge-watch superhero TV shows on Netflix.  I love to swear, especially when it shocks my mom (although I have heard her drop a few F-bombs and &that’s what she said’s& lately).  I love to go to bed early. I love to take myself out for dates to the movie theatre and fancy restaurants.  I fucking hate coffee, and all you coffee-drinkers are masochistic lunatics if you enjoy pouring that acid down your throat.  I’m a Canadian Liberal supporter.  

I love life, even when I hate it.

‘Til next time, everybody wang chung.


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